The GSBC is made up of 3 representatives from each of the 4 UK based Breed Clubs.Their job is to represent the views of those clubs thus bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge together. This enables the breed to speak with one voice to the Kennel Club and to all members on significant issues.


Health matters are a particular area of interest.


The Breed Council also draws up the Judging Lists


It does not have a separate membership from the Breed Clubs and it does not raise/ hold funds other than enough to cover expenses for meetings and administration.


Matters for the breed Council must come through one of the member clubs.

The Gordon Setter Breed Council

The next AGM of the Gordon Setter Breed Council will be held in 2021


The Kennel Club are currently reviewing their plans for their new judging system. This is a consultative process and will probably take some time before everything is agreed.


In the meantime, both old and new systems are running side by side and prospective judges need to look carefully at both and decide which one will work best for them. Broadly speaking if you are well on your way to getting the numbers required by the old system that may be best for you but there are no hard and fast rules on this.


The latest information can be found on the Kennel Club website and it is constantly being updated.


I am very happy to organise Mentoring sessions for people who have the necessary qualifications or to help in any other way I can.


The GSA is planning an A2 Assessment Seminar in September 2021 for anyone who is either on the A3 list or very close to it. Numbers will be very limited for this so you are advised to book early either through me or Ramsey Nagaty. More detailed information will be available soon.

Elaine Roberts

Kennel Club Breeds Liaison Council


Every breed is represented by one member on this body.

KCBLC meets twice a year and offers an opportunity for the breed to bring matters to the direct attention of the Kennel Club. Often these will be in areas which also affect other breeds

For instance, we asked for the issue of dogs with shortened tails for health reasons not being allowed to exhibit at shows which charged admission to be discussed and addressed.


Elaine Roberts is the current GSA KCBLC representative .