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The Gordon Setter Association Breed Appreciation Day

30th October 2022


Key Speaker: Mrs. Nicky Ackerley-Kemp

Organiser: Mr. Ramsey Nagaty  Email:

Tel: 07785392952

                  Breed Education Co-Ordinator: Mrs. Elaine Roberts

This Breed Appreciation Day is aimed at individuals interested in the breed whether they are exhibitors, aspiring judges, or breeders. We hope to provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions to safeguard the breed.

Attendance at a BAD and passing the Multiple Choice Exam is a requirement for Level 2 of the KC Judges Education Programme (JEP).

The session will consist of an introduction to the Gordon Setter and its function as a working gundog; the history of the breed and the Kennel Club Breed Standard.

There will be a Multiple Choice Exam (MCE) based on the Kennel Club Breed Standard of the Gordon Setter.

Anyone can attend the BAD but candidates wishing to undertake the MCE must at least fulfil the Level 1 judge requirements:

  • Minimum of 5 years of proven interest in pedigree dogs

  • Attend a “Requirements of a dog show judge” seminar ( but not mandatory to have passed exam)

  • Attend a “Conformation & Movement Seminar

  • Complete a minimum of 2 full day stewarding appointments

In the afternoon there will be a separate session for individuals wishing to participate in a Group Mentoring Session. Anyone who meets JEP Level 2 requirements, including those who pass MCE in the morning session, is eligible to attend though numbers will be strictly limited.

As a separate session, there will also be a “hands-on”. This is aimed at individuals following the traditional route to judging.  Numbers are very strictly limited.

On this occasion candidates cannot do both the group mentoring and “hands-on”

Breed Appreciation Day (BAD) and Light Lunch.   Price £20.

    Breed Appreciation Day (BAD) and take the Multiple Choice Exam (MCE)      

      & light lunch.  Price £25.

    Breed Appreciation Day Plus MCE Plus Group Mentoring Price £30

    Breed Appreciation Day, hands-on and light lunch.  Price £25

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