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Current plans for 2021


We are arranging for the 2020 AGM to now happen on Sunday January 31st at 10.30 am via a Zoom meeting.  Any member who wishes to attend will need to contact Mrs Nicky Ackerley-Kemp on -  .  Details of how they will be able to access this will then be sent out by Nicky.  There is a limit on numbers so an early booking would be advisable.


If there are any questions to be raised under AOB we would ask that these are submitted prior to the meeting to the following email address .  Any questions need to be with the Secretary by Sunday 17th January 2021.  If these questions cannot be answered at the time they will be raised under AOB at the 2021 AGM on 11th April.

Field Trial secretaries for the Spring Scottish circuit will be deciding on a course of action at the end of Jan /early Feb.

Please contact Nicky Ackerley-Kemp on if you require any further information. 

Our AGM on Sunday 11th April 2021 will be a joint event with the GSA holding the morning meeting followed by UGSR and finally BGSC AGMs. As agreed with the KC the GSA meeting will be asked to pass the decisions made by the committee in 2020 prior to the 2021 AGM.

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2020 and 2021 Shows

We will be holding two Championship Shows as the KC have allowed us to transfer our 2020 show across.


2021 Ch Sh 17th April at the KC Building.

Judges – Nicky Ackerley Kemp (Bitches)

                  Graeme Murray (Dogs)

                  Mary Whitworth (Referee)


Re-arranged 2020 Ch Sh 6th June in collaboration with Southern Counties Championship Show

Judges – Kay Reid (Bitches)

                 Christine Lomas (Dogs)

                 Lesley Bain (Referee)


Again we are being allowed to have two Open Shows but these will both be on the same date – 18th July 2021 at Bearley Village Hall.

Judge for the re-arranged 2020 show – Barbara Crosbie

Judge for the 2021 show – Beccy Johnson


As 2021 will be our 75th Anniversary year look out for specials at our shows.  Anyone wishing to donate or help in anyway please feel free to get in touch.

KC Criteria for Breed Mentors/Observers  Available to download here

Health News

Health vaccination survey request from The University of Nottingham

AHT Statement by the GSA

Breed Council Health Monitoring

The Breed Council have produced the following form as part of the health monitoring project to help collect data. All submitted information will be treated in strictest confidence


Your data is very important to us and we will never disclose or share this without your consent.

2022 Open Show and 2023 Ch Show Ballot Results

After seeking clarification from The KC, here are the ballot results which would normally have been announced at the AGM...

2022 Open Show:   Mr P Rand 28,  Mrs R Walker 66

2023 Ch Show:        Mr D Howarth 46,  Mrs K Macara 30,  Mr R Nagaty 22

2021 Shows Judges list  Available to download here

2021 AGM Judges Nomination forms  Available to download here

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Formed in 1946 the GSA held our first Championship show in 1970. From a founding core of 16, the GSA continues to grow and currently has members from all around the globe.



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